When you’re a kid, your parents shelter you from the worst of what’s really going on in the world. As you get older, your worldview changes and expands. You start to think outside of your own town and social circle. You’ll see a metric fuckload of bad news. Violence, government scandals, wars over seemingly petty bullshit. At some point (maybe later in high school but most seem to save it for the college years) you’ll get cynical. ‘Why should I live in this world when it’s so shitty?’ Or later, ‘How can I bring a child into this living hell?’

We forget that what is happening now is the opposite of what your parents did. They sheltered you from bad news, but the news media shelters you from good news. They literally filter it out; among all of this horrible information coming out of the nightly news, there is so much good that goes unreported because it doesn’t get the same ratings.